I started taking Pilates classes in January 2012 at a time when I really needed to reconnect with and start taking care of my body. Nikki’s skill, dedication and passion as a Pilates instructor enabled me to do just that. Through a combination of her extensive knowledge of both Pilates and the body, Nikki was able to identify specific areas for me to focus on and also ensure that I used appropriate modifications for certain exercises.
By taking regular classes and applying the techniques recommended by Nikki, I have not only seen significant improvements in how my body feels but also in how I perform in other forms of exercise such as dance and horse riding.

Nikki’s classes are now an integral part of my fitness routine. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

~ Corinne, Chorleywood (aged 33)

I strongly recommend Pilates for everyone – I have found the exercises life-changing. Pilates has improved my lung capacity, posture and after 5 children, my lower tummy has finally tightened up! Nikki is a brilliant teacher, very knowledgeable, encouraging and fun.

~ J, Watford (aged 58)

When I fell pregnant, a close friend convinced me it would be a good idea to try out a pregnancy Pilates class. I was very hesitant as I am was not very fit or flexible and was not into exercise. However – attending Nikki’s class was the best decision I have made. Her class caters for all fitness levels and the main aim is to strengthen the core muscles to support your body throughout the pregnancy.

After attending Nikki’s class my posture has improved and also I am now in my last month of pregnancy and have not suffered any back pain from the big baby I am carrying.

It has been a very positive and beneficial experience for me and I would highly recommend it!

~ Beth, Amersham (aged 33)

Following severe Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction during my second pregnancy I was diagnosed with prolapsed discs, strained facet joints and an unstable pelvis. Over the last 6 years I have tried every conventional medicine recommended to me including physiotherapy, epidural, steroid injections and half a dozen different painkillers.

I have tried Osteopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Reiki, Bowen Technique, NLP, Bioresonance, Olive Oil Compress and TENS Machine but have found Pilates better than any medicine.

Nikki’s classes have enabled me to lead a normal life again. In the year and a half I have been attending her classes, my core strength has increased to the extent that I have not used my walking stick in over a year and can often manage a day or two without taking any painkillers. In addition to the positive affect on my back pain and pelvic stability, my posture has noticeably improved.

I love the fact that even after a year and a half we still do something different every single week.

~ Tessa, Watford (aged 42)

Encore Pilates has not only been an enjoyable experience but has improved my posture and strengthened my core muscles. People have even commented that I stand better since I joined. Thank you Nikki!

~ Becca, Bushey (aged 18)

Due to Arthritis I was recommended by a physiotherapist to try Pilates. I was lucky to find Nikki who I found to be friendly, helpful and patient. I have benefited greatly with her encouragement. Whatever your age I would recommend her.

~ Peter, Garston (aged 84)

I have been attending one of Nikki’s Pilates classes for just over a year and have found them to be invaluable. She has taught me how to use muscles that I didn’t know existed! The benefits of Pilates have been that I have learned how to control my posture better and I suffer less from backache.

~ Sue, Leavesden (aged 63)

Brilliant! Core Pilates is hard, but produces great results. Nikki is a good teacher, and pushes you to get results. Very focused and accurate, and it’s good for you!

~ Emma, Bushey (aged 36)