Nikki Avron – Director

Nikki AvronNikki Avron, founder of Encore Pilates, is an ex-professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. 

Nikki’s dance training began at the Royal Ballet School at the age 11 and after 8 years of vocational training Nikki began an extensive career in the dance world which included a contract with the Israeli Contemporary Dance Company.

Nikki in ballet position

A passion for teaching began back in 1998 and lead to the development of Aviv Dance Studios, 2 Herfordshire based dance schools and a performing company, which Nikki founded in 2002. Over the years Nikki has trained hundreds of children and adults in a variety of styles such as Street Dance, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Dance, and has choreographed and directed many stage productions. Nikki handed over her dance company to new management in 2013 before setting up the home of Encore Pilates on Kings Langley High Street. 

Nikki was first properly introduced to Pilates when recovering from a severe separation of her abdominal muscles, known as Diastasis Recti, after the birth of her twins in 2005. After a year-long recovery period Nikki finally got back to work and managed to avoid major surgery to repair the abdominal split.

Nikki leading a matwork pilates classIn 2011 Nikki gained her first qualification in Pilates instruction with STOTT Pilates™ – one of the world’s most recognised Pilates methods based in Toronto, Canada. She is now qualified up to Advanced levels in Matwork and Reformer (machine work) as well as Pre- and Post-natal instruction in which Nikki has a particular interest. Nikki’s passion and dedication for correct exercise, women’s health, rehabilitation and sports performance inspires her to stay fully informed in the continually evolving world of physical therapy amd bio-mechanics. Courses and workshops Nikki has completed include Fascial Release, Spinal Pathologies and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.       

Nikki instructing a pilates classNikki teaches a large range of Pilates classes to those with rehabilitative needs through to those looking for high level athletic training. Clients from the semi-/professional sporting world include footballers, cricketers, golfers, dancers and young gymnasts. Nikki is also experienced in conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, hip/knee replacements, spinal disc herniation, spondylosis/litis/lolisthesis, hyper-mobility syndrome, EDS, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and various conditions brought on by pregnancy.

In general her classes have a strong emphasis on technique, giving clients good anatomical awareness and instruction on mind-body connection, strength building, lengthening and stretching, core engagement, alignment, postural correction and fitness.  Nikki receives referrals from local GPs, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths including the Abbots Langley Osteopathic Clinic and DJN Physios.

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Pauline Angold

Pauline has a BSc in Sports Science and Exercise Physiology and 20 years’ experience teaching exercise and movement classes at some of the top health clubs and fitness studios in Hertfordshire.

Pauline AngoldIn 1999 she came across the STOTT Pilates method and was so impressed by its teachings that she decided to qualify as an instructor and has never looked back! In fact she was one of the first instructors to introduce Pilates classes to health and fitness clubs in this area. Pauline is qualified in Matwork and Reformer instruction up to advanced levels. She is also qualified to teach pre- and post-natal Pilates and having had four children herself has excellent first-hand knowledge and experience in this area. Pauline has also worked closely with a local physiotherapist helping people back to health after injury, improving their core strength, mobility and muscle balance. 

Besides helping rehabilitate others, Pauline has had her own battles with health. In 2011 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery and treatment. Unfortunately the illness returned in 2013 after the birth of her fourth child. Pauline is now cancer-free, fighting fit and an inspiration to others. She knows only too well the power of synchronising the mind and body, and the benefits of Pilates, which played such an important role in her recovery.

Nikki is delighted to have Pauline on the team!

Hilal Leigh

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Jazzi Craddock

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